Data Capture Software/Solutions

Outflank Competitive Challenges via Consistent Superior Innovation

Sources of data capture are constantly evolving/new methods are emerging.

In a digital world, the days of mailer-oriented data are obsolete—your digital presence must be everywhere (especially with your on-the- go, MOBILE! consumers): applications, geo-location- based reach, social media, email, search engines, targeted advertisements across various mediums, 3rd party-generated browsing ads—and, soon, (if not already) augmented reality.

Every place represents the opportunity for your company to engage consumers personally and regularly to generate a wide range of views, interests, motivations, complaints, desires, goals, wishes, etc.

Applications (MOBILE!)

It’s an app-based world: 2.2 Million-plus applications are currently in existence. Consumers look at their smartphones hundreds of times per day—and their lives are practically integrated within the device. The “user” of society has morphed into a consistent technological “tracker” who lives their life vicariously through their phone and the “humanized” connections it develops through it.

Push Notifications

In the app world, the ability to “buzz” your on-the- go consumers consistently is a crucial opportunity companies must take advantage of.

Content-Pushing World

Content is only as good as the outlets through which it can be driven—and the very data that optimizes its creation in the first place.

Geo-Location (MOBILE!)

  • “Travel with your customers”
  • Critical towards optimizing the push notification campaigns
  • Geo-Location is “where the world’s going”
  • Augmented Reality
    • “Pokemon Go” offered a glimpse into the future of augmented reality
    • Stores/consumption will occur virtually, based on personalized consumer data, time of day, whereabouts, and relevant trends
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Customer Retention

Reach customers repeatedly and instantly via any of the previously mentioned outlets to ensure a continued dialogue—with the idea that the sale(s) will indeed follow.

Partnership Sharing

In today’s business environment—even small, localized businesses have joined the wave of “business partnerships.” Businesses that team with other businesses to “vertically-integrate” via partnership open up their world to customer bases that are mutually exclusive. Most importantly, these partnerships can result in increased data sharing—and discovered insights that would otherwise not be noticed in a business’s own data capture operation. We can work with your partners to make your existing relationships more beneficial to them—and to you!

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Create an Apparatus to Effectively Become Your “Boots on the Ground”

We integrate our work within our partners’ worlds and allow them to what they do best—run the business and generate revenues. What we effectively do is become your “boots on the ground”—via data-capture strategies to reach and understand your customers/potential customers in new ways. This process helps you change as the customer changes. Relies heavily on identifying the proper customer-facing mediums to utilize/create to drive reliable data.

Develop New Lines of Monetization

Creating more “arms” to reach your customers and gather information about them means adding more potential “weapons to your arsenal.” What do we mean by this? If you utilize public-facing sources like, say, an app to reach your customers, what happens if you, say, generate such a great audience that advertisers want to pay to have space inside the app? Or—what if you generate enough new data on top of your existing data, that you find other companies approaching you with a desire to pay for said information? And what about the opportunities that arise when you discover an entirely different product/offering that your customers seem to want…that you happen to have the capability to provide? Staying ahead of the game in the data sphere doesn’t just help you increase your sales and brand viability—it also creates the opportunity for new lines of business altogether.

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