Data & Consumer Relationships

Humanize Your Relationships

Learn about your customers and develop a personalized relationship with each one.

For example: There are millions of company convenience apps/company services apps/customer feedback apps/loyalty apps/discount apps—if you’re interested in entering this app-space, you have to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Competitive Challenges

We have a simple way of approaching this concept: if you’re not doing something, assume your competitors are. Our role is to identify these “something’s” as they relate to your data operations—and help you outperform your competition with whatever solutions you employ.

Competition Across Your Various Business Lines

A data machine can help personalize your offerings and create fresh value across each line-of- business for consumers.

Bolster Your Value Proposition

Sometimes, when what people are saying about you isn’t what you wish it was—you have to change the conversation. How though? You have to communicate with your customers, gain feedback, and change the conversation according to the customer’s terms (the key).

business meeting discussing consumer data

Increase Your Repeat Customers

The most obvious thing a company can do is take care of the people who have already made the leap to purchase product(s) from the company in the past. Understanding why they bought you in the first place and what would make them continue to buy/increase their buys is critical to any business’ viability.

Building Empires or Subsisting Them

Data’s relationship with either situation is one in the same. Whether you’re already an “empire” in your domain—or you’re looking to become one, your data leveraging and its effectiveness will be the key to your success in driving business today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. How well you understand your market(s) and what you do to adjust to their changing needs will determine your future viability. And, by the way, if you’re already an empire—how much of an “empire” are you? What’s your market share? 10 percent? 20? 50?

Answer this question: Is your market share 100%? If the answer is no, then a higher bottom-line goal exists, by default. We believe the resources today’s interconnected world offers all of us presents the opportunity to outmaneuver anyone by creating and utilizing the best combination of resources in a given field. In simple terms: Find a way to perform better than everyone else. Do what no one else “can”—to achieve what no one else will.

team discussing consumer relationship data

Brand Positioning

A person’s attitude towards something/someone is among the most difficult things to “change.” Once an attitude is established, it is aggressively cemented within a person’s mind frame. Much like our human relationships, interpersonal communication can ease tensions, build rapport, generate connectivity, cement relationships, etc.

Companies must use data to do the same thing with each individual customer/potential customer. On a massive scale. How you interact with your consumers and the effectiveness of your daily presence for brand connectivity within their various mediums will build your brand.

Do this via:

  • Customer engagement and feedback
  • Demonstrating greater flexibility than your competition
  • Providing ancillary value to straight sales
    • “Be more than just a vendor”
    • Create a two-way conversation
  • Keeping your customers of your offerings, customer-driven changes, brand expansion, etc.
  • How it’s built depends on how well you’re set up

Drive Awareness

Utilize digital mediums at your disposal to leverage internal/captured consumer data and individually target prime candidates for your company’s services. Help consumers learn about your value. Literally force them to have to look and consider. SATURATE THEM.

Once your position is in the lane you wish it to be (or even during the “development” of said “lane”), spread it EVERYWHERE. Your customer should wake up and go to sleep with the concept of your brand firmly rooted in their mind.

Be More Than Just a Vendor

In today’s era, the simple “sell-product- for-money” relationship with a customer is not good enough. You have to provide value beyond the sale. Why should a consumer do business with you and develop “loyalty” to you?

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